Marine Fuel Testing Programme
Marine Fuel Testing Programme
Product Overview

Maritec Worldwide Fuel Testing Program

The Maritec Worldwide Fuel Testing Program is specifically designed for ship owners and operators whose vessels receive marine bunkers at ports all around the world. Our Marine Fuel Quality Testing Program allows samples to be flown back to our laboratory in Singapore for analysis and serves as a Machinery Damage Prevention & Fuel Management Program highlighting potential problems in a particular fuel before they are allowed to happen.


Due to the possibility of bad quality bunkers being supplied around the world, ship owners and operators join our program and use our global express courier service to send samples of fuel drawn by the Vessel's Chief Engineer for analysis in our laboratory before consumption by the ship's engines.

Analysis results are compared against the ISO 8217 standard for the relevant grade of fuel and accompanied by operational and technical advice covering:

◆ Fuel Usage & Storage
◆ On-board Fuel Treatment
◆ Recommendations for maximizing fuel efficiency
◆ Detection of waste lube oils & other contaminants in the fuel
◆ Fuel Ignition and Combustion Quality

*Maritec uses the latest technology and test methods in analyzing marine fuels. When comparing test results against standard petroleum grades, MARITEC uses the latest ISO 8217: 2005 standard.

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