LEMAG® Shaft Power Efficiency Analysing Tool / SPEAT

Product Overview

LEMAG SPEAT Shaft Power Efficiency Analysing tool is a cost efficient solution for basic ship performance monitoring.

The key element of   the SPEAT Ship Energy Efficiency Analyzer is a state-of-the-art maritime computer, which records data such as:

  • Shaftpower output and shaft RPM

  • ship´s speed through water (STW)

  • ship´s speed over ground (SOG)

  • fuel oil consumption of M/E, A/E and auxiliary boiler

The LEMAG SPEAT software calculates and clearly presents the following KPIs:

  • main engine specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC)

  • propulsion plant efficiency (fuel consumed on M/E vs. distance travelled)

  • propulsion efficiency (power used vs. distance travelled)

  • propeller slip (percent)

  • total efficiency (fuel consumed vs. distance travelled)

LEMAG SPEAT with USB-port for easy data transfer.

LEMAG SPEAT saves collected data for trend visualisation where the key parameters are shown graphically. Data is stored in the system and is easily transferred for performance analysis ashore.
The system can   be equipped with an optional remote display which is dimmable and fully approved for bridge installation.

Product Sheet

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