LEMAG® Permanent Shaft Power Measuring System / SHAFTPOWER

Product Overview

LEMAG Shaftpower® – permanent shaft power measuring system

LEMAG Shaftpower® is a permanent shaft power measuring system, which displays the actual effective engine power output at any time. The shaft twist is
measured between a defined distance on the shaft, using two highly accurate linear precision position encoders. The measured data is digitalized in the
rotating unit and transmitted contact-free to the processor unit.

Why LEMAG Shaftpower?

  • improves efficiency

  • protects from overload

  • protects from breakdown

  • optimizes fuel consumption

  • controls the effect of energy saving devices

The measuring system includes the following features:

• touch screen operated
• contact-free sensors
• maintenance free design
• easy to operate
• different measuring units
• user-friendly zero calibration procedure
• display of actual shaft power, RPM, torque and average power
• comparison with reference propeller curve
• RS-485, NMEA 0183 serial interface
• optional analogue outputs
• optional overload warning and alarm
• backlit touch-screen
• optional bridge display
• direction of rotation

Product Sheet

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